Students wearing SJC gear in the courtyard smiling

Why Give?

The Impact of Giving to the SJC Foundation

“Every dollar given to the San Juan College Foundation makes a difference whether it be a $2 or $200 monthly donation. Each contribution adds to the future success of San Juan College and it’s students. Every donation enriches the lives and transforms families for generations to come.”

- Gayle Dean, San Juan College Foundation Executive Director

What is the impact of giving to SJC? 


Student at Graduation

Giving creates opportunities for students in every department at SJC. These gifts become scholarship awards to students or support for programs, faculty and staff. Each student helped in this way will have their own story of how the valuable support they received made a difference.


“I got a 4.0 GPA because someone else was paying my tuition and I wasn’t going to let him down. I appreciate your generous gift and hope one day soon I can repay it to someone else in need.”

- Scholarship recipient 


Programs Supported by the Foundation 

  • Student Scholarship Support
  • College Readiness & Student Success Support
  • Faculty and Staff Awards
  • Kids Kollege
  • FACE Program
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Campus Event Support
  • Honors Student Program
  • Broadening Horizons
  • Community Outreach
  • Conference & Professional Development Support
  • Faculty and Staff Association Support
  • Navajo Nation Workforce Training Program
  • Received Donated Equipment
  • Promote and Advertise Bond Elections
  • Student Achievement Awards
  • Dugan Museum of Geology                                                        
  • CPED Support Chautauqua Series Programs
  • Acquisitions of Art Gallery Donations and Purchases
  • Distinguished Teaching Chair Awards
  • Pathways
  • Fine Arts Committee

Give Annually

Your annual gift provides essential support for scholarships and programs, but that isn’t the only reason to make a gift. Corporations and foundations partly base their own grant-funding decisions on the support that employees, alumni and friends provide to SJC. When you show your support with an annual gift of any amount, you are putting the spotlight on San Juan College and encouraging future students to follow in your footsteps.