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Hall of Fame

San Juan College Hall of Fame

The San Juan College Foundation pays tribute to people who contribute to the growth and excellence of the College.


Donna Hobbs


Dr. Donna Hobbs

Dr. Donna Hobbs began her career in 1980 at San Juan College as a Biology Instructor. During her 35-year tenure, she was an instructor, Assistant Professor and Professor of Biology in the School of Science, Math and Engineering. Her career focused on classroom instruction, lab and field training. When San Juan College students talk about their most impactful professors, Dr. Hobbs is always at the top of the list. Her legacy will live on for decades through the San Juan College Biology Program and the Four Corners community in the countless lives enriched by the caring and excellence of Dr. Donna Hobbs.

Rodney Neidigh

Rodney Neidigh

Rodney Neidigh began his career at San Juan College in the Physical Plant Department as a painter in 1990. He spent over 26 years proudly dedicated to carrying out the mission of the San Juan College Physical Plant– providing a safe, attractive, functional and comfortable environment for the campus community. When visitors come to San Juan College, the compliments about the beauty of our campus abound. He demanded excellence in himself and inspired it in all who learn and teach at San Juan College. His influence on our campus goes beyond paint, bricks and mortar – it inspires a legacy of pride across campus. Thank you, Rodney for making a difference and setting the bar high for all of us.

Len Scalzi

Len Scalzi

Len Scalzi joined the San Juan College Foundation as a board member in 2004. He dedicated 15 years to the Foundation board serving as a member, secretary, treasurer, vice president and president. He chaired the capital campaign for the School of Energy. His tenure on the board was one of his greatest passions. He recognized the value of the Foundation’s scholarship program assisting deserving students as well as its impact and value to the community. Because of Len’s dedication to making things better for his community and those around him, his legacy will live on at San Juan College and the Foundation.


Past Inductees

Nisa Bruce
Traci HalesVass
Garry Smothers
Steve Biernacki
Vicki Holmsten
Randy Pacheco
Ann Thompson
Jana Wallace
Wendy Bircher
Connie Gotsch
Jeff Howle
Betty Brock
Kay Brown
James Childers
John Collins
D. Craig Walling
Nancy Coats
Paull Holmes
Colleen Walker-Smith
Dixie Baker
Harvey Crowley
Roger Evans
Robert and Maxine Rhien
Elizabeth Rogers
William Vincent
Mary Hayes
Dick Ledbetter
Dr. Ralph Moorehead
Wayne Tarpley
Ed Wood
Tom Dugan
Gary Golden
Sidney Martin
Gerald Nix
Nancy Redhouse
Charles Clouthier
Charlie Houghton
Fran Sandoval
Myron Taylor
Norma Blake
Larry Brewer
Bob Culpepper
Katie Evilsizer
Dr. James C. Henderson
Sam Butler
Annabelle R. Friddle
Bert Levine
Louise Malone
Jimmy Miller
Marjorie W. Black
Melvona S. Boren
Dr. Lowery Davis
Russell Grover
Val Cooper Lavender
Mary Jo Walters
Christine Donisthorpe
George House
Wesley Kline
Dwight Payton
Tom Wheeler
Allan and Lorine Black
Glen Gabehart
Albert R. Greer
Raymond Stevens
Rena Yazzie
Ruth & Lou Allison
Joan McCollister
Betty Noggle
Jerry Sandel
Boyd Scott
Kenneth Benally
Joe Burns
Donna Ogilvie
Gordon Ashcroft
H. Merrill Taylor
Jack Echols
Jesse A. May, Jr.
Edna Weinig
William C. Witter
Karl Zaffke