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Faculty Recognized with Tarpley Award

Posted on May 31, 2019 by San Juan College Marketing and Public Relations

Fifty full-time and ten adjunct faculty members receiving their Tarpley Award.

The San Juan College Foundation recently presented the Tarpley Awards to faculty who have shown a commitment to excellence in the classroom, to students and to San Juan College.

Mr. Wayne Tarpley passed away in December 2012, but his generosity and recognition of teaching excellence continues through his trust. The son of a teacher, Mr. Tarpley considered faculty to be part of his extended family and the heart of society. This year, 50 full-time and 10 adjunct faculty members received a Tarpley Award.

The award carries a stipend of $500 each. Each spring the San Juan College Foundation will continue to honor Mr. Tarpley’s wishes with gratitude.

Dr. Toni Hopper Pendergrass, president of San Juan College, Gayle Dean, executive director of the San Juan College Foundation and the dean of each respective school, presented the awards to the following:

School of Business

Katherine Elliott
Sharon Jones (Adjunct)
Murdoch Maloney
Luke Renner

School of Energy

Tom Burns
Christopher Caine
Ralph McCauley (Adjunct)
Qinqin Schosser
Dale Stevenson

School of Health Sciences

Sara Avila
Donna Bakken
Lori Cheney
Amy Cooper
Maggie Donohue
Deborah Honstad
Sandra Johnson
Kristina Lacey
Jamie Lujan (Adjunct)
Corinne Marshall (Adjunct)
Lydell Powell
Kelsey Toler

School of Humanities

Eric Bateman
Andrea Cooper
Kari Deswood
Andrea Ericksen
Johnathan Fisher
Kate Fulton
Kris Kraly
Nicholle Liessmann
Lorraine Manavi
Elizabeth Phelps
Trisha Rickey (Adjunct)
Ana Sawyer
Annette Tidwell-Abend
Travis Wade
Harry Walters (Adjunct)

School of Science, Math and Engineering

Chris Baade
Jim Barnes
Carl Bickford
Carrie Elledge
Veronica Evans
Melanie Johnson (Adjunct)
Donald Killifer (Adjunct)
David Mayeux
Eric Miller
Janet Parkes
Lisa Ruffier
Callie Vanderbilt


School of Trades and Technology

Donald Beauregard
Jared Blood
Troy Brown
Amanda Clark (Adjunct)
Rich Friedman (Adjunct)
Claude Pence
Zachery Pettijohn
Jim Rooker
Jeffry Schofield
David Scott
Chad Triplett
Shannon Wilmer